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Humor always leaves a great feeling in anyone. Think about the times that you’ve laughed like crazy- until you cried, or couldn’t breathe. These are individual points of extreme happiness. Life can bear down on you over time, leaving only a few moments to smile, so you should really cherish them. I think that it’s such a wonderful gift to be able to draw happiness from those around you, whether it’s your friends, family, or a  rando on the street. Laughing is just the peak of this happiness, but on either side of your chuckles are smiles and smirks- grins and kisses. All of these bring a comfortable happiness that pulls you out of the sometimes-crappy world around you. So when you really are wishing for that back massage or tight hug from the person across the globe… think of a laugh shared or a happy time and it will help. In any event, just laugh.



Vietnam video

So I found this on Vimeo, and I thought that it might be of interest. It follows some ppl from the west on a trip to Vietnam. Idk what part, but it still looks cool :)





Fall In

So I found this song, and it just makes me smile. Enjoy-

Esperanza Spalding- Fall In 








So here’s a compilation of just a slice of stuff that I love. It certainly isn’t everything that I love.

I love holding hands,

I love sharing dessert,

Sitting by water together,

I do love engineering and cars,


I love to sing, all the time,

But I really love Love,


Some say the phrase- ‘no pain, no gain’ but I want to take that further. It isn’t that hurtful things are inherently make you better, it’s that without the dedication to persevere through anything you will fail. Perseverance is a life skill tossed around in three quarters of college application essays, and many more people think they don’t have much of it. Like I said before, it isn’t about sticking to something even if it gets rough. The ability to bring your undivided effort to long term things. It takes persistence to not forget about things, to keep old friendships and contacts alive, to have an updated blog. Unfortunately life rarely gives you a penalty kick to win the game. Usually things that matter most are spread thin, a little important bit at a time, for years.

I’m not going to go into what you believe is important in your life, that’s not for this post. To me, impulse decisions and fast-and-loose lifestyles may be a thrill right now, but a real and true happiness comes from your enriched character. Like picking up a guitar often enough that you’ll still play when you have kids. Or not ever dropping that dream or ultimate achievement that you’ve been working toward your whole life. That’s what will make you happy, and the people around you will know you as a better person for it.

This works into the idea of goals. Often you’ll set a goal for yourself, and it will end up positively or not as grand as you hoped. If you value the tortoise’s scope on life and that persistence will bring you happiness, then go for it again! We feal defeated when we can’t reach a goal. Think about the purpose of the goal, not just the prize. Didn’t make it to the gym 3 times a week? That’s ok, cause you were probably doing it to lose weight/burn calories/feel better. When you realize you just want to feel better about yourself, maybe you can take a similar but different approach- you never gave up on the real goal.

And now to love. Relationships can be give and take, daily struggles to feel wanted and emotionally connected. But then think of the big goals: Being happy with yourself and the other person, connecting deeper than most friendship could ever hope to, having confidence that you will be together for the foreseeable future. Love, long distance or not, isn’t a game of dates to get to, step at a time, but instead a smear of awesome spread as far as you wish to see. Think of your end goals, and more importantly think about the other person and you’ll find that love is a persistent little bugger.


Anniversaries happen every year, and what better way to celebrate and enjoy 12 times the fun than having monthiversaries!  But the real question is which months do you choose to celebrate? 3, 6, 9, 12, 24, etc?    or     1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc?    or maybe something more simple, like 1 month, 6 mo, and then a year? I’m not sure either. I’ve read on reputable websites such as that monthiversaries are for overzealous new couples, that they are another gift holiday or another day to keep track of. I disagree with that. Sure, for some their infatuation and child-like relationship momentum can lead to an elaborate celebration every month… but I think for most, the idea of the date itself and the memory or the time together is celebration enough. Just noting that it’s the fourth of the month would be enough to casually discuss topics like first dates, length of time, and renewed passion– that is, if the fourth is your anniversary date. No, I don’t think its uncommon to celebrate a monthiversary. In fact, I’d say that almost all couples under the relationship age of 3 and before marriage will look at their calendars and find it a good pause to remember their special someone. Maybe a special dinner monthly- but probably not. Maybe a little gift- but probably not. It’s not the expectation that makes it good, or even the mentioning of the date, it’s the thought of something lasting and overreaching.  So, celebrate if you want, but use the date to reminisce and to think about your other, better half.

Love Video

So instead of some heavy topic about love, I’m going to give you a video today. I found this as I shuffled through the interwebs, and immediately thought that I should post it. I think its sweet, and its about love. Also the animation is really neat. Enjoy.


I like the idea of unity. I think of it more like a concept than a physical identity, though. To me, something is unified when all of the separate parts are joined as one entity. Physically, this could be a broken table or vase. Conceptually it’s more like the unity of the country, or the closeness a family can feel at opposite ends of a state.  Unity is the ‘togetherness’ of our hearts and souls. I want to say that long distance relationships are easy. False.  But what makes them so hard isn’t the physical distance, although that possibly is the cause. The difficult part is keeping this unity with the other person.  It’s not filling every open-eyed moment with them, but instead filling your heart with them so that no matter the moment, you’re with them.

Skype and video chatting has used the best of the 21st century to connect loved ones across the world, but it can only do so much.  You have to feel it.  The substantial result is that whether fate or chance govern the future events, the deepest relationships emerge from a LD relationship strong and healthy.  Now, I have to clarify- not the same and healthy– yes, things change as time moves on, and so does the couple.  Pinning down the dynamic of two evolving people at the moment they are pulled apart physically will not help when your juliet emerges slightly different than before. Your Romeo is most likely very close to the same, just changed slightly like anyone would as they experience things. (I like ‘enhanced’ over time rather than ‘changed’, personally)  Shared experiences are everything, and honestly a LD relationship is more of an experience than a hiatus. So don’t hibernate, live with them and connect however you can. But most importantly, put them deep in your heart where the world can’t knock them away. Then there will be unity, even when you’re sleeping.

(Above image Copyright All rights reserved by Ben Heine)

These posts about love…

Hi, so this whole thing is new to me. Blogging. I’ve never thought about actually having an outlet where I can share feelings, thoughts, and my little musings with other people. Mostly this is for me to clarify things in my mind… and also to connect with my certain someone across the globe. It isn’t just for her though. If you happen across a post on this blog, and it connects with how you feel or things you like, then that’s great! But mostly I’ll be saying things towards her, towards you. This blog and these posts aren’t just about love, or feelings, or mushy stuff. I guess it’s more like a chronicling of my mind as the next 6 months progress. You see, we will be apart for another (almost) 6 months separated by half the US, an ocean, the English Channel, and France. I hear that the Swiss Alps are pretty.

Anyway, this is called Lovesapart for several reasons. you could say Love’s apart, as in love is apart or even lovers apart. But you could also be cheesy and say Love is a part. I like this one, because it’s kind of like that movie love actually where the intro ends with: love actually is all around. This could be like that too. Love is a part of Yourself. of Life. of the World.      Any way you want to take it, I think that’s the true reason I like it. I’m going to be talking about lovers apart from each other, but it reminds you that love is inside all of us, we just have to find and nurture it.


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